what you taught me that dad didn’t

how to change speeds on a ten speed bike
how to pick myself up again when i fall and scrape my knees
how to be happy with the little things
how to identify the birds of North America
how to tell how much rain fell overnight
how to enjoy western movies
how to handle mom when she was in a bad mood
how to eat cherry garcia ice cream
how to trace my genealogy
how to tell a boy to fuck off
how to pick up the pieces when he did
how to move past high school rivalries
how to dribble a basketball, throw a softball, catch a football
how to love unconditionally
how to be infinitely patient
how to really forgive
how to really forget
how to deal with disappointment
how to view mistakes as lessons and
how to move on

but you never taught me
how to say goodbye to you –
so I won’t.
I’ll just say what we always say:
see ya soon.


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