Al started writing poetry in the fifth grade after being gifted a copy of an Emily Dickinson collection from her English teacher uncle.

She has published two chapbook collections that are no longer in print (or existence unless someone somewhere still has a copy of them). For over a decade, she has been writing essays and articles about pop culture, video games, technology, social justice and intersectional feminist issues that have appeared in a wide variety of print and online publications. She was the co-publisher and editor of “theFLOUNCE”, an online, feminist-centered blog that ran from 2014 to 2018. Her poetry has appeared in various independent ‘zines, anthologies and online journals.

Etudes and Requiems is her current project, focused on the practice of writing poetry simply for poetry’s sake. Like many others in their 30’s in modern America, she uses poetry to work through the gain and loss of relationships, dreams, goals, as well as her fears and triumphs in regards to motherhood and chronic health issues.

In addition, this site is expanding to showcase her creative work in other areas, specifically watercolors, acrylic, and handlettering as well as allowing expansive conversation that is limiting on other formats.

She currently resides in the Southeastern United States with her husband and child, secretly wishing she could be a professor of poetry at a small liberal arts college somewhere back in the Northeast or Midwest in between diaper changes.

IG: almillercreative
FB: https://www.facebook.com/AlMillerPoetry