Truth Becomes Her

At what age did I decide
the man in the moon was
Shadows and craters or
Dandelions only make allergies
And not wishes?
Or that I would make it
across the bridge
Past the cemetery
Regardless if my breath held or not?
What age defying lotion
Or retinol youth serum can I use
To remove the dark spots and
wrinkles of reality
So I can point up to the sky
And whisper in my daughters ear
About green cheese and
Moon rabbits and
Silver dollars and
Be able to swear it’s all true?
      • A.M. (2018)

nevertheless she persisted

every time he would hit me
push me down stairs
kick me
hold a gun to my head
break my phone
bite me on the back
throw all the food away
take my furniture
sell my car, clothes, cds, shoes
burn me
cut me
leave me in a ball on a gurney
he would always tell me
I was warned.

“She was warned”
he would say to his friends
as they laughed about my new
now I know the rest of that sentence
“Nevertheless she persisted”

Next time let’s not get talking points
from Abuser Guidebook 101